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Big November Event

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We are currently planning the biggest Subsonic club night to date with a breakbeat/DnB headliner we’d only have dreamed of booking a few months back!

We are refraining from revealing any of the lineup but for now put Saturday 24th November in you diaries for a Subsonic club experience of epic proportions!!

Weekender 2018 Update

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We are sorry for keeping you in the dark about the 2018 weekender…Here is a quick update.

We have made the tough decision to have a year out in 2018 for a number of reasons. Mainly we are searching for a new and more permanent site, still within 1/1.5 hours of Bristol. Any ideas you might have to help us would be hugely appreciated! Please email subsonicweekender@outlook.com

We hope to be back with a weekender in Summer 2019 after a full year of Subsonic nights in Bristol and stages across various festivals to keep the vibe alive!

Please keep up to date through our Facebook page for info on our upcoming events.

Next up The St Werburghs Summer Fair O-fish-al Afterparty! Link below.


️Important Information️

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Here are a few things to know about Subsonic Weekender 2017

From Friday 5th May, Any ticket purchased from Bristol Ticket Shop or The Ticketsellers (or via the Subsonic website) shall automatically reveal the festivals secret location!

Anyone that’s purchased a ticket already will be emailed the location on this day.

Alcohol Limit

The Subsonic Alcohol Limit is a whopping 15 Cans OR 10 Cans and 1 Bottle of Wine (decanted into plastic bottle or flask) OR 4 Cans and 1 Litre of Spirits (decanted into plastic bottle or flask).

THERE IS A ZERO GLASS POLICY – Please do not attempt to bring any glass onto site.

Over 18’s & Challenge 25

Subsonic is an Over 18’s event and the bar operates a Challenge 25 policy. Please don’t be offended if we ask for ID!

Sound Systems, Fires, BBQ’s

All of the above are a big No i’m afraid. Sound Systems bigger than single minirigs are not allowed and risk being confiscated if used without prior permission. Please don’t make a fire next to your tent.. It’s for your own safety!

Wristband Check

Subsonic is ran on Love, Epic Happiness and Teamwork! We all work as one big team to make sure people pay there way to be part of this amazing little festy and break-ins cause huge issues with Licensing, Security and the general Vibe in the festival. We kindly ask every person keeps an eye out for anyone without a wristband on site and report them to our lovely stewards, security or management team and we’ll take it from there 🙂

Have FUN!!

This goes without saying, but we at Subsonic HQ are SO pleased you’re getting involved this year for hopefully one of your best festival experiences of all time, and definitely this year! We 100% guarantee you’ll walk away with new incredible friends and judging by our previous years, the odd marriage proposal! One Proposal 2015 and TWO in 2016!!!

Massive Love – The Subsonic Team xx

Tickets Explained

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Incase of confusion, I’d like to explain how the different tickets work.

There are no differences in the Tier of ticket, just how much you pay! The sooner you buy, the cheaper it is.

The Special Offer Tickets are Buy 6 Get 1 Free. The price shown is the cost of 7 tickets at the same cost as 6.

The Remainder is only valid to those that have paid a Deposit. Remainders Must be paid by 15th of May

Carbon Offsetting is completely optional 🙂

The location of Subsonic Weekender 2017 will be emailed to all ticket holders two weeks before the festival

Get Ready for the Subaquatic Carnival!

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Mermaids and Jellyfish, Pirates and Pearls- we present to you, the SUBAQUATIC CARNIVAL!
As Subsonic UK is an underwater themed festival, what better way to bring it to life then to bring some fierce costume game?

This year will have a FANCY DRESS SATURDAY, where the whole festival transforms into an aquatic wonderland! We want to see shimmering shoals, creative crustaceans, orginal octopi and majestic mermaids- dive deep into your costume collection.

To celebrate all things sea themed, our performers from Rose Rokoko will lead the Subaquatic Carnival around the festival to the sweet sounds of ambling band The Cabarats! We’d love to see as many of you get involved as possible to make the amazing happen!

2017 Headliners Announced!

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Subsonic Weekender 2017 have been revealed! We welcome an almighty Live Breaks act Smash Hifi to the top spot.

SMASH HIFI is the story of Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horger, two friends doing what they love the most: making music!

The story gets interesting when you hear who these guys actually are.

LEEROY spent ten years of his life as part of the most influential electronic band in the world: The Prodigy! After leaving the band to focus on his solo career and various musical projects, he started to look for a new exciting and fresh sound and again started to travel the world, but this time as a DJ.

MARTEN, a multi award-winning DJ and producer who, just like Leeroy, had been recording for various projects, travelling the world with his record bag. One night in a dark, sweaty, underground club in a small village in Germany, the guys were DJing alongside each other and found their common love for everything fat, wild and most important: unique. In the following years they became well known to bring that exact attitude to clubs and festivals across europe, pumping out genre jumping DJ Sets as SMASH HIFI.

♪ 2017 Info Coming Soon ♪

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Hey people! We will be updating the website very soon with information about Subsonic Weekender 2017.

For now we can tell you that we’ve moved to Bristol (Yey!) and we’re putting together a Whopper line-up for 2017!

As always we’re growing just a little bit to make your festival experience just a little bit more epic (if possible) than last year!

See you all sooon!

Marcus & Subsonic Crew

♪ 2016 Important Info ♪

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Here are a few important things know about Subsonic Weekender:

  • Gate opening times are listed below. Please do not arrive after the gates close as you may be refused entry.

          Friday 6th May: 3pm Open – 11pm Close.  

          Saturday 7th May: 10am Open – 11pm Close.

          Sunday 8th May: 10am Open – 7pm Close.

          Monday 9th May: Please vacate the site no later than 2pm.

  • Alcohol limit is 15 cans , 1 litre of spirits decanted into plastic bottles or flask, 10 cans + bottle of wine or any equal amount of alcohol to those listed.

You may only bring in alcohol on your First time entering the site.

We have a fantastic selection of Ciders, Ales and Larger on tap at the Subsonic bar as well as a large variety of high quality spirits and mixers.

  • The sale of NOS is prohibited at Subsonic Weekender. Anyone attempting to sell their own NOS will have it confiscated.
  • Clean As You Go – In order to maintain our fantastic relationship with the kind land owners that let us use they’re amazing fields to make Subsonic Weekender possible, we ask that you leave the site as clean as you found it.

Last year there was an incredible effort by all resulting in the cleanest Monday morning festival site our management team had ever seen! Keep up the good work!